What if you could ...

  • Make fresh pins in less time?

  • Get more clicks in Pinterest on your pins?

  • Not waste time on creating pins that don't even look good?

What you will get

15 pin templates + 5 video pin templates

In addition, you will get a bonus lesson on what to do to get more Pinterest link clicks to your blog post.

Get Canva pin templates

Save time on creating FRESH pins for the Pinterest gods!

Give me templates!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How to get the templates

  • 2


    • Image pin templates

    • Video pin templates

  • 3

    How to get more traffic from Pinterest

    • How to check how many link clicks are you getting from Pinterest

    • Create multiple images for one post

    • Don't stick to your own branding

    • Write good pin descriptions

    • Make pins in the recommended size

    • Add pins to the most relevant boards first

    • Write captions which raise curiosity

    • Try video pins

    • Add Call to action

    • Don't show it all on the pin